Lumbar Back Massager Low Frequency Pulse Heating lumbar traction device

● 12 low-frequency pulses, synthesizing different frequency bands through low-frequency pulse current, simulating different massage techniques such as kneading and massage ● Vibration intensity of the three gear, more in-depth massage to relieve waist fatigue ● Air pressure: automatic mode, and manual mode inflation ● Hot compress function, this product has 3 grades of temperature, the temperature is 38/41/44±3℃ ● Voice broadcast

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When people are immersed in work and study, their bodies are also under pressure. The lumbar spine massager is not only needed for people with bad lumbar spine, but to be precise, it is needed by everyone. , so that your body is also properly rested. This product stimulates the muscles and relaxes the waist through the low-frequency pulsed micro-current technology. The main purpose of the electric pulse is to relax the waist more comprehensively through the effects of micro-current and hot compress.

Product Name

Lumbar Back Massager Low Frequency Pulse Relieve Back Muscle Fatigue Pain Heating lumbar back stretcher lumbar traction device

Place of Origin

Guangdong, China

Brand Name


Model Number



Waist and Abdomen Massager




Air pressure + low frequency + heating + remote control + voice broadcast


ABS, Lycra, sus304

Auto Timer

10 min

Lithium Battery



Product/ USB Cable/ Manual/ Box

Heating Temperature






Charging time


Working time


BC136A is a lumbar spine massager: remote control by mechanical buttons, LCD status display, this product can improve blood circulation and relieve lumbar spine fatigue by applying heat to acupoints around the lumbar spine, low-frequency pulse, vibration, vibration, etc. Relieve lumbar spine pressure, protect lumbar spine health, and it is suitable for many people, such as long-term sedentary office workers, students, people with lumbar muscle strain, the elderly.

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